Hello, I am Elora Kay

I am a cosplayer, seamstress, YouTuber and just a funny human.

I hail from the land of Minnesota.

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“What was your first cosplay?”
The first cosplay I officially #COSPLAY’d was my Spider-Gwen zentai suit in 2016 that I bought from eBay.
The first cosplay I made from scratch was Roller Derby Harley Quinn from the New 52 series.

“How tall are you?”
5 feet 9.25 Inches

“How long does it take you to make a costume?”
Anywhere from an afternoon to 3 years. I also have projects I’ll gradually keep improving like the Virgo I am.

What happened to ‘The Sloth Goth?”
I will have you know I am Elora Kay, first of her name, the unbothered, Queen of the Memes, Feminist of the Midwest, Breaker of Bitches, and Mother of Sloths.
But real talk I just wanted a name that I could carry into my professional life. I’m still @theslothgoth on Twitter!

“Have you always wanted to be a cosplayer?”
Yes! But I grew up really overweight though, and never had the confidence to do it. I also lived in the middle of nowhere and never had the opportunity to attend conventions until later in my young life.

What’s in store for the future?
I hope to make a career out of my hobby by teaching others the ways of the cosplayer, and I have been trying to teach myself how to draft patterns so we’ll see what comes of that.

What’s your Dream Cosplay?
This honestly changes way too often.
If I had all the money in the world I would commission a screen-accurate Resistance Pilot costume from the Star Wars sequels-
If I had the body and confidence I would make an adorable and fierce Felicia from Darkstalkers cosplay-
If I had the skill set I would make Samus’ suit from Metroid-
And then some days I just want to transform myself into Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman because that would be TIGHT, yo.