She-Hulk |Cosplay How-To

She-Hulk has been in my cosplanner since March of 2018. In January of 2019 I finally breathed life into this idea by pushing myself out of my comfort zone by making my first bodysuit, pair of arm-socks and experimenting with body paint and the makeup it entails.

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I would like to consider this costume the first one I made from the ground up. I knew my way around my mom’s old janky sewing machine I brought to Colorado when I moved but until I got a new, nice machine for Christmas (that doesn’t eat your fabric every 20 minutes) I would have never considered taking this project on. Thanks parents! ❤

The wig was bought from Amazon and was marketed as a gorgeous ombre. Jessica Walters has had a variety of green and black hair, but instead of choosing between either I opted to give my rendition of the character a fun, modern ombre blend of the two colors.

Expectation:Pretty ombre wig that requires 0 maintenance (however was not a lacefront)

The reality was a green wig with a few pieces of black hair wefted into the crown of the wig. It was thick and luscious but I couldn’t get over the tacky-looking excuse for an ‘ombre’ this was.

Back to the drawing board.

Using a concoction of black ink and rubbing alcohol I attempted to color in the roots of the wig to make it more realistic, coloring the first few inches of the wig’s “roots”, setting it for a few hours, then washing it out in my shower.

 The tutorial used for this process I found here:

Despite being washed and rinsed and combed out she still retains a load of sweet curls and is easy to maintain.

I am 5’9”, arguably taller than usual but I have multiple people (mostly men) who tell me I’m “not that tall”. To that I say “tell that to the 4 blind dates I’ve been on in which all men claimed to be taller than me, but upon meeting I could see the top of their heads-” *manic laughter*

She-Hulk usually sports regular sneakers, but I wanted to add a couple inches to my stature to really embody the giant that she is. Google says She-Hulk is 6’7”, but I scoured the internet to find a pair of white sneakers, with a subtle sporty wedge, in my ridiculously huge shoe size, at an affordable price to bring me up to a decent 6’1”.

Success<3 Thanks SheDazzle.

The bodysuit was based off of a Simplicity pattern 8286.

This was not my first experience with a torso garment that was too short for me. After a mock-up I had a general idea in which areas needed to be expanded and altered.

Still, even after my 2nd attempt at making this suit, I had to take in the garment so I wouldn’t look like a green Ugandan Knuckles ‘show you de way’ meme.

I used standard spandex fabric to make She-Hulk 1, because I didn’t know de’ way of milliskin at the time, and… paired it with a corset for some reason so in all the photos from FM Comic Con I have this pouch of flab sticking out from under it.

She-Hulk 2 was made 7 months later in October after seeing a friend wear Yaya Han’s white embossed hexagon fabric at a convention. At the time of writing it I’m still obsessed with the fabric and have 4 yards of it in my basket on the JoAnn’s app, but that’s besides the point, but here’s the TEA-

The fabric is marketed as a scuba fabric but is thinner than the scuba material I have worked with. It had the consistancy of two layers of white spandex, but still too light to be paired with a purple scuba fabric I bought from, and was sitll quite see through.

I layered white spandex under Yaya’s scuba fabric, set the purple scuba fabric to the side for another day, and grabbed some standard purple spandex instead for the side panels.

I attempted to make bias tape and it was terrible!

Because this was the last time I wanted to make this bodysuit, I opted for store-bought bias tape again until I had the time to learn de’ way of bias tape making.

Ok, last Ugandan Knuckles reference, I swear.

Remember use ziz-zag stitches when working with spandex!

New suit was finally finished? Does it look like a more flattering version of the old one? Yes! Not only did I YEET the corset and opt for comfort over… a cinched waist, but also the suit now has a beautiful, subtle texture to it and I feel that it brings it more into the real world of super heroes. 

I have not replaced these arm-socks since February and there is a reason for that;

2019 has been the year of the characters that require body paint thanks to a certain series called Lore Olympus. Though I have nearly mastered the art of arm-sock making, it is a roulette when it comes to the quality of nylon I am to work with.

The nylons I bought for this costume came in the perfect shade of green I searched high and low for. They were about $18 each but were from a high quality nylon company and KNOCK ON WOOD but the nylons for my legs have yet to tear or run.

The pair of nylons I have made for my arms, not so much.

These nylons are fairly sheer which I learned are harder to sew and prevent from tearing then more thick, opaque ones. However the first convention I wore this I had people totally shook that I was wearing nylons on my arms. I would offer my forearm for them to touch and fawn over while I explained the technique I’d use to achieve this look, but then immediately follow up with how many attempts it took me to sew one hand that fit all my fingers.


Two mistakes for each hand. I’d then give up on the deformed hand, cut it off, sew the open end up and start over pinning and sewing around each finger individually.

It wasn’t until I made my Minthe cosplay (Lore Olympus) that making arm-socks doesn’t have to be anymore difficult than making spandex gloves. Your result and struggle depends on the quality of your nylons.

Thicker gloves are a dream to sew into arm-socks, while sheer nylons like She-Hulks are a nightmare, will continue to be a nightmare, will require a lot of repairs and PLEASE don’t look close at my hands because I have so many stitches in these gloves I look like Fankenstien’s zombie niece!

Mehron Amazon green is the perfect color is not just for Gamora and Elphaba cosplayers anymore. I live and die by this color and it’s light enough where I can contour my face with a series of matte greens.

You can find my She-Hulk makeup tutorial on my YouTube page here:

That’s how I successfully managed to build She-Hulk from scratch, push myself out of my comfort zone in so many ways and actually felt proud about a cosplay I made myself.